Property Network Property Management

Professional experienced Team
Property management is a core real estate service that thrives with an experienced team, ongoing training, expert support and dedicated property management software.
Property Network principals (the owner of the agency) have a hands on position to oversee all aspects of the management department to ensure a peace of mind journey for their highly valued clients.

Your investment
Choosing the right tenant is a big part of the overall management service.
A good tenant will often treat the property as their own, promptly advise of any issues and on the occasion the property may need to be sold they can be a help as opposed to a hindrance. We will give the tenant VIP treatment to help find a new home.

Rental Yields
Property Network is a member of various property information companies such as CoreLogic. Coupled with our local product knowledge and everyday experiences we  are quick to see market rental fee changes, either up or down.

Accessible and transparent
Our landlord app is easy to use and has all your property details at the click of a button – from financial information and updates to inspection reports. Convenient and accessible whenever you want, 24/7.