Networking Your Property

Property Network was created by real estate agents who have experienced franchise and independent models.

They implemented the best strategies of both, and more.

-  Minimal cost-effective membership fees
-  A sense of Brand ownership
-  Be a part of a Network


Enables the Agency to invest in areas that help attain great prices for their sellers. For example:
-  Focus on specialist training and workshops in order to build negotiation skills
   Negotiations are core in attaining a premium offer
-  Help with marketing costs without the need to reimburse the outlay


Property Network is not a franchise.  
Each real estate office is independently owned and operated under a license.

With life membership (conditions apply), minimal fees, and Brand goodwill payment at sale, Property Network brings a sense of ownership and pride.


While the early days' Property Network is creating a family culture amongst its members. It’s not about how quickly we build the Network but the values each member brings.

With a strong focus on building a reputable professional Brand, we will continue to attract great people. 

The Network already delivers cutting-edge technology, specialist workshops, and easy access to industry experts from sales, property management to continually updated council and government information.

We trust our members will bring peace of mind and excitement to you if you are selling or wanting a professional property manager.


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