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Property Network was created by real estate agents who understand the importance of a great brand and minimal but cost-effective fees.

Our low fee strategy enables the agent to invest in listing opportunities and delivering the best service for their clients.

-  Minimal cost-effective Membership Fee
-  A simple Licence Structure
-  A sense of Brand Ownership
-  Meaningful Brand Name
-  Distinctive Logo with uplifting Colours



It's not about how quickly we build the Network but the values each member brings.


A changing World and Industry

Our research over the past 5 years shows that agent building their brand in their area brings greater success.

We have delivered the best fundamentals for your business to utilise and compliment. We encourage agents to invest in what makes a leading agent; professional and personal development, specialist training, marketing, family and fantastic holidays.

Pretty simple really, it's just a matter of doing the small things well and consistently and having the right support and strategies. These build your brand and opportunities.

We hope you will join us in a structured ride for now and well into the future.


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