Our Company

Agents know they have a terrible reputation but as pointed out by former Minister of Fair Trading Margret Keech, 'like any Industry it is only the small few that spoil it for the far majority’

Jarrod Lane and John Rogers have helped create Property Network for Agents that not just do the right thing, but pro-actively embrace high professional standards

Soon to formally launch with plans to build a National Network, the emphasis will be on quality not quantity, with Terms and Conditions having strict operating conditions

Whilst just two members Jarrod and John know with such a great Brand name, vibrant colours and a Brand that will be synonymous with professionalism that when they are ready the group will be attractive to many hard working professional Agencies

• Training and specialist workshops will be focused on negotiating skills

• Networking: via the giant IRENE Networking Group Property Network Agents are able to network with thousands of Agencies and promote their Clients properties to 10’s of thousands of active real estate salespeople and property managers

• All offices need to incorporate state of the art technology to further enhance the opportunities in attaining best prices for their clients

Whether you would like to join Property Network as a real estate Agency or simply do business with our members, you can be assured of one thing. -
You will be working with people that strive to deliver the best skills and tools to achieve the best prices possible to ultimately build a Brand of Trust.
We know our Clients will refer us which means we grow our businesses
This is what you really call a real win-win’