Our Company

Property Network Members understand that whilst the internet has bought many changes, somethings never change, but technology enhances them

Via the giant IRENE Network agents are able to network with thousands of agencies across Australia

Property information such as proposed zone changes, land accumulation opportunities, information earned from long term area experience and agents working together to bring more buyers or tenants to their properties

Also, being introduced to same property by different agents can persuade the buyer to inspect the property the buyer already dismissed on website. A proven successful strategy

Upload properties to Australia’s largest networking property website

Franchisees enjoy a brand but complain they are restricted to operate as they see fit
Independents have limited brand but operate their business as they feel best

Our low fees are designed for agents to compete in a challenging environment and to maintain lifelong relationships with our members

When the owner does decide to sell they receive the goodwill of the brand.
This ownership gives a real reason to build property network brand and culture

Property Network

Agents operate their business in how they feel best for their clients

Property Network Members embrace and critical to membership:

• Specialist workshops: negotiation skills, body language, handle objections , other
• Formal training for property management and sales
• State of the art technology and systems
• Practice high professional standards

Whether you would like to join Property Network as a real estate agency or simply do business with our members, you can be assured of one thing.

You will be working with people that strive to have the best skills to achieve the best prices possible

Our clients continue to refer us because we deliver a best service

This is what you call a real win-win